Kick The Soda Habit

Are you drinking too much cola? Try these tips to kick the can.
For Stacy, having a can of cola on her desk while she works on her spreadsheets and reports is something she enjoys. But all that mindless sipping have a sneaky way of adding up. Pretty soon, she's totalling about 4 to 5 cans per day.

Stacy's story is just one of many who have become "addicted" to sodas. As you probably know, sodas are literally mountains of sugar -- a 2-liter bottle has the equivalent of 56 cubes of sugar! All these translate to a lot of calories which can lead to weight gain and other weight-related health problems such as diabetes.

What to do if you're a soda junkie? Try these ways to ween off the soda:

Have your caffeine
If you need your jolt of caffeine, it's difficult to cut the soda cold turkey without some caffeinated alternative. So go ahead and have your tea or coffee.

Try a fizzy drink
It's not just the sugar or caffeine rush that makes us hooked to colas. A lot of times, soda lovers crave the carbonated kick, too. Make yourself a fizzy alternative: Try mixing seltzer or sparkling water with 100 percent fruit juice.

Dilute with ice
When you can't deny yourself, it's okay to indulge in the occasional soda, but make it diet. Fill your glass with lots of ice before pouring the soda -- this way you'll have less of it.

Prep fridge with iced water
On a hot day, you just want to reach in the fridge for something cold and refreshing. Storing a pitcher of water at the door of the fridge makes it easier for you to make a healthier choice. Try adding lemon slices to your water for flavor.

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